Affiliate Marketing – The Best Way to Find Back-Links For Your Pages

Getting back-links for your pre-sell or review pages you use to promote affiliate products is vital in order to get them to show well in Google for your main keyword phrase. (A back-link is simply a link coming from another web page to yours.) Google looks at back-links coming to your page as votes of confidence for your page. The more important a page is the more likely it will have many other pages linking to it. 구글광고대행

There are zillions of ways to get back-links to your pages. But if you’re trying to get some quality back-links to your pages, let Google help you! Take the main keyword phrase you believe people will use to find your page on Google. Do a standard Google search for that term.

Now look at the pages Google returns. Many will come from web sites or blogs like your that promote that product. But many others will come from what I call feeder sites. These are site your competitors are using to drive traffic to their pre-sell pages with. Set up a little database and start collecting names of domains from which your competitors are getting back-links from.

When you do your Google search for your main keyword phrase you will see pages returned from sites such as YouTube, Squidoo, article directories, Scribd, Quizilla, HubPages – places like that. Google loves these domains, that’s why they are showing in your search results.

You need to go to every one of these domains you find and create an article, a video, a bog page or whatever they allow there. Then, use these pages you set up to put links in going to your pre-sell page. Every back-link you get helps to convince Google that your page is important and it will help your listing position for that keyword phrase.

In an hour you should be able to find several dozen of these feeder sites. After you have gone through the process of creating some kind of content to post at these sites one time it gets much easier on the future. Remember, the more back-links you create, the more love from Google you will get.

The good thing about using these types of feeder sites is that because you will create the content to post at them, you have complete control of the back-links you set up there. And, if you get good at this, you may find that many of these feeder sites you set up will show in Google too. That will get these pages traffic which will then be directed to your per-sell pages through the links you set up there.

The number of back-links it takes to get a good listing position in Google depends on the competition in your niche. In big niches such as acne treatment, dog training, weight loss, or health and fitness it can take hundreds and hundreds of back-links to start getting decent Google listing positions for your pages. In smaller niches it may not take many back-links at all to do this.

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